Voxer Coaching

Voxer Coaching


This is a one-of-a-kind program that is designed to give you intense support in your business, daily.  We will communicate through an app called Voxer, which basically turns your phone into a walkie talkie.  You will get real-time feedback on your ideas, questions, concerns, and victories.  Daily, you and I will be talking through this app to hold you accountable, help you walk through sticking points, and give you the support you and your business need and deserve.

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What exactly does this program entail?

  • Unlimited "check-ins" daily.

  • Direct access to me (no VAs) Monday - Friday

  • Feedback, encouragement, and business strategy tips customized to you and your business.

  • 30 days of accountability to make sure that you stay on track to hit your monthly goals.

    (Please note that Voxer Coaching does not include any phone sessions with me!)


    #1: Life Journals (3 Pack)
    #2: 15% off all courses, workshops and trainings during duration of your coaching

    **TO SIGN UP VIA Recurring payments ($97/month): http://bit.ly/2D8sfYJ


    Sign up above for (1) one month at $147/month