The "Abundant Entrepreneur"

The "Abundant Entrepreneur"


Are you ready to transform your life & business and finally become focused, fearless and abundant?

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Have you recently experienced devestation, loss, despair, significant life change or grief?

Do you feel angry, jealous, sad, depressed, and yet yet have no idea what to do with "negative" emotions other than suppress or deny them?

Are you starting to lose hope? 

Is your life looking nothing like what you expected it to?

Are you knee deep in a relenting pain that no one can understand or acknowledge? 

Do you feel as if you are stumbling blindly through the hardest period of your life void of tools or perspectives to assist you in moving forward? 

Do you want to create a life and business you’re madly in love with while managing your emotions and thoughts?

Then, this program is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.


* An initial 90 minute deep dive session
* Unlimited sessions during the next 120 days
* Recording of your sessions
* UNLIMITED access to me M-F via Voxer (Messaging app)
* Tailored worksheets just for YOU!
* Access to the Smart Bitch Academy for the duration of your coaching (Value Over $500)
* Access to ALL self-study courses (Value over $700)
* Early access + 15% off all workshops and trainings I create during our time together
* 365 Day Motivational Planner
* Life Journals (3 Pack)

My mission is to do my part to get you to your next level. 

Together we will… 

✓ Increase Your Confidence 

 ✓ Raise Your Prices 

 ✓ Plug the Holes in Your Money Mindset 

 ✓ Create Your Internet Marketing/Social Media Strategy 

 ✓ Create/Launch Your First Digital Course 

 ✓ Sell the Shit Out of ALL Your Offers 

 ✓ Get You Embodying the Bad Ass Smart Bitch you are

(PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE at $1,888 per month for 4 months. CLICK HERE to sign up)