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Do you have clarity when it comes to your career or future and the direction you are headed? 

Do you lack confidence from pursuing your dreams or going after that promotion?

Are you repeating the same destructive patterns that keep you stuck and unmotivated to move forward?

You are not alone.

It is not uncommon to put others (family, friends, and even coworkers) first.
You may feel guilty and uncomfortable in expressing your needs.

You may have experienced significant trauma in your past and you no longer want it to have a hold on you.
Or perhaps, you may settle for things that are beneath you, because you feel like there are no other options or that you "deserve" it.

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Until the day I decided to finally stop playing the victim.
I invested in myself daily and slowly found my true voice again.
And that voice, hasn’t shut up since!

Working with women at every stage of life has been some of the most fulfilling work I’ve undertaken.

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In this role, I work with women who find themselves at a crossroads in life.  Just like I was.

Whether it’s leaving the workforce or returning to the workforce.
Getting married or getting divorced (Again, me, too.) Or finding oneself in mid-life without an unclear path.
I work with each client to define and achieve exciting personal goals.

I help women to: find their voice, set goals and achieve them, develop confidence and solution-centered plans,
to unlock the next chapters of their lives in fulfilling ways that bring happiness,
increased self-esteem and insight into how life can be lived to the fullest everyday.

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  • Clearly defining your self-limiting beliefs and uncover your true personal strengths 

  • Deciding what fulfillment means for you 

  • How to stop self-sabotage 

  • Live your best life – Define how you will Implement your plan 

  • Change your self-limiting beliefs and live a smart, empowered, and courageous life

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-Support in your life or business 

-Love & support from me as you make your transition into your job, career, or business that you love


-New ideas and ways for doing things

-Mindset tools

-Affirmations to integrate so you can begin to call new opportunities and money into your life

-Journaling prompts for digging deep and healing your past

-Healing your money relationship

-And a routine that works for you to open yourself and call in new opportunities and the dream life you want to create

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• New business opportunities

• New clients

• Manifest new money coming in

• A new job, career, or business that you’re in love with 

• Increased income

• Clear blocks

• Massive clarity & insight

• Heal old wounds

• New & better friendships and relationships

• Improved family life

• Finding your soul purpose

• Better health

• More connected to your spirituality 

• You will find yourself opening up and receiving more

• A better life

• Knowing how to shift from negative emotions and process negative emotions

• Moving to a better place or your dream location

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 4.11.06 PM.png

• Confident

• Alive

• Clear

• Supported

• Loved

• Certain

• Knowing your next steps

• Guided

• Fresh

• Excited

• Aligned

• Passionate

• Empowered

• Unstoppable

• Creative

• New energy

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 4.11.47 PM.png

• Getting massive clarity in your life

• Alignment with your soul purpose

• How to manifest money & how to heal your money relationship

• How to shift from situations you don’t like and create your dream outcomes in each situation

• How to use journaling to process your day and to manifest your dreams

• Healing past relationships

• Transitioning & stabilizing new energy from transitions

• Solidifying your confidence in yourself and knowing that you are worthy of all that you desire

• How to raise your rates or ask for a raise in your job or business

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