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Get Paid While Being Authentically You!


Do you desire to create an impact by simply being yourself?

Are you tired of hearing crickets online when you post?

Are you tired of doing “all the things” and getting little to no results?

Do you want to make butt loads of cash while doing what YOU want to do YOUR way?`

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You want to stand out online.

You want to reach your ideal client so that they buy everything you create

You want to make an impact while making $$$

I’ve been there!

I get it!

When I first started my coaching business I thought just like you….

“I’ll be on every social media network and my ideal client will magically find me.”


Right now, I can’t even tell you the last time I posted on Twitter.

Truth was, I didn’t know what to post and where. So, I did all the wrong things and made $-0 during the first year of business.

YES, I was losing money!

And then, this happened……

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My posts went from crickets to reaching thousands and now, my posts receive hundreds of comments.

This has resulted in my business BLOWING UP!

Today, my programs fill up FAST and I’ve had to raise my private coaching prices TWICE!

And I want to teach you how to do exactly the same thing while not compromising your values, identity, or your unique voice.

I want to show you how to get paid while being your true authentic self.

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- Find (and transform) their mindset traps around your value
- How to “be seen” without “bothering others” or going overboard with tacky lead generation tactics
- How NOT to let a rebrand (or “imperfect” branding) keep your stuck
- How to create a visibility plan that’ll strengthen their brand and their reputation
Where you’re most likely to find their ideal client

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4 Course Lessons Delivered Weekly (4 Weeks)

  • Lesson 1: Review Your Messaging and Client Results

  • Lesson 2: Assess and Improve Your Skills and Expertise

  • Lesson 3: Do the Mindset Work

  • Lesson 4: Up Your Marketing Game

    PLUS: Course Workbook with Worksheets, Exercises, and Checklists

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VIP OPTION: Get personally mentored by Milagros during your course. Includes,
4-weekly 30 minute coaching sessions. (Value over $800)