Why being fearless sucks.

why being fearless sucks. #mindset #selflove #selfworth #fearless

Recently, while discussing my business goals with an acquaintance, her eyes rolled and she scuffed at my stating that I was on my way to building a Million Dollar Empire with my coaching business.

I shrugged it off and finished my wine.

It's not my job or desire to convince anyone about my worth.

I know my worth.

I embrace it and accept it with an open heart.

And it happens.

People will not understand your fearlessness. They won't accept it. They will challenge it.

But, it's not your job to convince anyone to believe in your dreams. Fuck them! Wave at the haters with your diamond-filled hand and go on your merry way. It serves absolutely no purpose for you to worry about what other people think or have to say about you and your goals.

Can you just imagine me, sitting there trying to convince this grown-ass woman that I was going to SMASH my business goals? It wasn't that she cared. It was the beliefs she had around money that made her react the way she did.

We all have our own limiting beliefs and I work on mine every single day.

I don't have time to waste on other people's perception of me or my dreams. And, I've had many dreams. Can you imagine the looks and comments I received in my life while transitioning from Music Video Vixen to EMT and then Flight attendant to cupcake store owner?

I had haters. Shit, I still have them. And it didn't deter me one damn bit. I've accomplished everything I ever set out to do that I was passionate about and I gave myself permission to change my mother fucking mind!

When I didn't want to be a flight attendant anymore, I quit.

When I had to close the cupcake store to follow my husband around the world, I did it.

Every day you have choices to make.

You might lose friends along the way.

You will have challenges.

You wil have bad days.

But, you'll get there.

Because you have a choice to get there or not.