The Ugly Truth About Success

The ugly truth about success. #entrepreneurs #mindset #success

There are a few lessons I've learned in my 7+ years of working for myself. Okay, there are a lot. Some lessons were easy to accept. Others, not so much. One of those lessons was: not everyone will be happy with your success.

Well, who cares, right?


Mom, dad, sister, brother....

It doesn't matter if anyone approves or not. Keep it moving. Achieve those goals. Reach for the stars and while you're up there, sprinkle some B*tch dust all over those negative fucktards. 

The Ugly Truth About Success

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Because, success is hard. Not just to achieve, but it's hard for those closest and furthest from you. Your haters will hate you more. You're family (if they're like mine) will give you a hundred reasons why you shouldn't go after your dreams. (Look at me now, bitches!)

Success is pure obsession. 

You dream it. You live it. You ache for it.

Remember, not everyone is able to follow through with their entire heart. 

Like I always say, if you're going to do something don't do it half-assed. Do it will your whole ass.

The truth about success is that you'll find yourself wanting more. You're real friends will be easy to spot as they are the ones that gave you a swift kick in the ass when you want to quit.

Sure, you'll lose some people along the way, but the right ones will stick around. Those are your forever friends.

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