The truth about time and how to manage it more efficiently

truth about time management.jpg

We all have the same amount of hours in the day. 24 hours. Nothing more. Nothing less. Now, I’ve heard enough people complain about not having enough time to do all the things they want and have to do and that’s total bullshit.

I’m going to be brutally honest, as I always am, about time management.

You make time for what’s important to you at the moment.

Plain and simple.

So, if your time management is really the issue, here’s a quick fix….

Make a fucking schedule.

Wow. Great. Now that your major life problem has been solved, lets move on to the deeper stuff.

What is really going on in your life that you’re not making time for the stuff that should matter? And by “should” I mean, making time to exercise, making time with the kids, making time to focus on the things that bring you joy, making time for time.

Sometimes, we need to feel like the world is crumbling around us, as if we are so damn overwhelmed by life that we can’t breathe.

Do you know why?

I do.

Because what do you think will happen if you get your life on track? What do you think you’ll have to do if you’re life is organized and there is no more chaos?

You have to be present.

100% present in YOUR life and YOUR family’s.

That, my dear, is why you’ve made excuse after excuse about your world bursting apart at the seams.

So, which part of your life are you afraid to face?

What part of your life are you avoiding?

I want you to take a moment and reflect on the questions above, journal your answers and then, make your damn schedule and tackle all the mushy feely stuff you’ve been avoiding.

I promise, there’s a better life waiting for you on the other side.


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