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Which Do You Value More: Your Money or Your Time?

Certainly you’ve heard the old adage, “Time is money.” If you’re a business owner, your time is valuable because you have valuable knowledge to share with your audience. Your time is best used catering to those customers and clients who need your knowledge instead of struggling over some back office tasks that are not customer-related at all. #timemanagementtipsforwork #stayfocused #gettingthingsdone #stopprocrastinating #productivity

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5 Business-Killing Mistakes you’re Making Every Day

As the great Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” With all the moving parts of a business to look after, it’s no wonder that some things fall through the cracks, thus affecting your business growth and bottom line profits. Let’s examine 5 mistakes that will diminish your profits if not fixed right away. #entrepreneur #business #womeninbusiness #womanpreneur

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