One Thing Every Morning Can Improve Your Life

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It took me a long time to get to a point in my life where I was completely honest with myself. We all have days when we feel ugly, unworthy, stupid, resentful and so on. In the end, all we're doing is beating ourselves up about an idea we have about ourselves. I've had plenty of days where I felt fat and ugly. 

And that's all it is.

A feeling.

A feeling that becomes a thought.

One stupid thought about ourselves that becomes a belief.

And once we put all of our energy into this belief, guess what? We become that belief.

To top it all off, the energy we surround ourselves in either amplifies or eliminates that belief.

So, if you're around people who affirm your negative belief, you're going to be stuck in that same mindset. The one thing that's helped boost my self-confidence, (besides eliminating unhealthy people from my life) and change my mindset is doing  one simple thing every single morning:

I tell myself I'm worthy of happiness.

I tell myself I'm beautiful just the way I am.

And, I remind myself that no one is perfect.

Doing This One Thing Every Morning Can Change Your Life

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This idea that other people have a perfect life is bullshit and if you've been clinging to that, you better stop right this minute. Most people are just better at hiding their bad days. I've been friends with women who's husband's were galavanting with other women right in their faces and these same women portrayed the role of the luckiest housewife in the world. (Totally, not me. I was the one who threw my husband on the bus whenever he fucked up.)

So, every morning, while you're brushing your teeth or combing your hair, remind yourself that just for today, you're going to be kind to yourself. And, being kind is thinking positively about yourself. After a few days of creating this new positive conversation with yourself, you'll start to feel a shift in your mood. You'll start feeling energized and you'll look forward to life in a way you've only hoped.

So, change that self-dialogue from negative to positive.