My Daily Affirmation Routine


Take a sneak peak into my daily affirmation routine! If you haven't heard me talking, writing or posting about affirmations, then you will. Obviously, I am in love with affirmations. I've made a few videos about them and how beneficial they are to creating a calm, harmonious, fruitful and happy life.

Don't know what affirmations are?

Here's a short explanation:

Why keeping a daily affirmation routine is beneficial to you and your business

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My daily affirmation routine changes with my goals. If I'm focusing one week on getting new clients, then most of my affirmations are geared toward that specific goal. If there's a writing deadline I need to meet, then I focus on that.

It's perfectly okay to change up your affirmation routine to suit your goals.

I write my affirmations in two places, my portable vision board and my gratitude journal. Why? Because it's a great idea to write and recite them as often as possible. Doing this will reinforce the beliefs. The feelings you inject into your affirmations is everything!

Stay positive. Think positive. Feel positive. Always!

Sneak peek into my daily affirmations...


Routinely, I recite, write and focus on my morning affirmations while drinking my morning cup of coffee. Additionally, as things happen or not throughout the day, I readjust my daily affirmations. All day, every day I'm thinking positively. Even when shit hits the fan, I try to see the positive side.

Remember, everything really does happen for a reason. Besides, we learn from all the negative shit that happens in our lives, but there's no reason to unpack your suitcase and move in. Certainly, there's nothing to be gained by lingering in the bullshit. And, surely, you don't have the time nor the energy to spend in Drama City. No one does.

Nevertheless, if you're starting out on your first affirmation story, keep it simple. Always expect great things, because why the fuck not!