3 Types of emails you should be sending to your lists

3 emails to send to you lists. #emailmarketing #email #marketing

If you've ever wondered what type of marketing emails you should be sending to your lists or how your email marketing efforts are working, you're not alone. You've worked tirelessly to create your newsletter and funnels, and haven't seen the engagement or open rate you'd like. You've done everything you can, right?

What if I tell you it's not uncommon for businesses to send out an email with no more than a hope and a prayer? I bet you've done that, too.

I can guarantee, it's not working.

3 Marketing of Emails You Should Be Sending

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If you take a look at the unique email open rates provided by Smart Insights, the average rate is 20%. That means you have to try a little harder to get your emails opened, read and–if you have internal link–get your subscribers to click on them.

Across all industries the average results for UK SME email marketing campaigns were:

  • Open rate: 24.79% (2016: 24.88%)
  • Click-through rate: 4.19% (3.42%)
  • Unsubscription rate: 0.49% (0.52%)
  • Click-to-open rate: 11.88% (10.88%)
  • Unsubscribe-to-open rate: 2.59% (2.72%)
email marketing
email marketing

So, how do you leverage your email marketing campaign.

By sending out the right emails for your subscribers.

Marketing Emails That Work:

1. Roundups

No one likes to receive copious amounts of emails. Not even me. But, you know what I do like? Roundups. If you're updating your site, products or have blog post updates, using roundups is a great way to let your email subscribers know about them without filling up their inbox. Weekly or monthly product digests are fine to keep your customers or fan base up-to-date with the latest features and functionalities.

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2. Event invitations

Perhaps you're hosting a blog takeover or a Facebook live event that doesn't include hard-selling. This is another fantastic opportunity to invite your subscribers. However, prepare invitations at least two weeks prior and don't forget to send countdown emails. Not every day. But, perhaps a reminder a few days prior. You can also include a few questions asking your subscribers what topics they'd like to see covered in the event. This is another good opportunity to get to know your market.

3. Lead Nurturing Email

Depending on the specific action a persona takes, you may want to enroll them in a lead nurturing campaign. Lead nurturing emails consist of a tightly connected series of emails containing useful, targeted content. These emails are used to nurture leads through the marketing funnel into a position of sales readiness. I use Convertkit for my email marketing campaign and I'm happy with their service.

At the end of the day, your marketing emails should be visually appealing and valuable. Focus on sharing the key information in the most appropriate format depending on the type of email you're sending -- and the audience you're sending it to.

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