How To Make Passive Income On Your Blog

(This post contains affiliate links)Have you wondered how to make passive income on your blog? Selling digital products (ebooks, video course, etc) is one of the easiest ways to make extra cash. The best part, you make cash while you sleep.


While you're dreaming up your next idea, taking the kids to school or on vacation, your bank account is growing. All without you having to do anything.

It sounds great, right?

Thing is, you have no idea how to begin. Well, in this blog post, I will share with you the companies I use and even share tips on what type of products you can sell.

Sell Your Photography

Are you good at taking Instagram photos? or photos in general? Believe it or not, you can make some good cash selling your photos.

There are lots of websites you can use to sell your photos such as or place them on some cool items like pillows, curtains for bedsheets at

For plain old digital products, (I sell stock photography) I use Gumroad. There are many of other sites out there, but I like their interface. It's easy to use, integratabtle with Convertkit and I can set up subscriptions.

If you use the Free version of Gumroad, their fee is just 8.5% + 30 cents per transaction. If you get the Premium version of Gumroad for $10(USD)/month, the fee is 3.5% + 30 cents per sale.

How I create passive income with my blog using digital products and gumroad

Not only is Gumroad affordable, but you can set up affiliate links for your products. This service allows you to easily upload you product, collect automatic payments via PayPal, and automatically delivers the product to your customer. If you'd like to become one of my affiliates and make 30% off each sale, email me and I'll send you a link.


I also sell membership to my digital products. So, members can receive access to all of my stock photos and bonus content at a discount.

This is How Bloggers Create Passive Income

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With Gumroad, you can setup a complete membership account for your customers in less than five minutes. You can select to offer the membership monthly, quarterly, or yearly. And, everything is completely on auto-pilot.  You can choose to add things to the member’s side whenever you want to without having to do anything extra.

Next up is, Convertkit.

If you've read my Convert kit post, you already know how much I love convertkit. Really. I do. I use convertkit to set up all my email sales funnels. So, all my customers receive automatic emails when they sign up for my newsletter or products. That way, I'm not tied up to my laptop all day sending out emails.

Through Convertkit's affiliate account I receive a 30% monthly recurring commission on all new accounts opened through my affiliate link. And, I love their product so why not make a little extra cash telling people about it! Anyone can sign up for the referral program, and you can read more about it here.

You're probably thinking, what could I sell on automatic?


Courses, ebooks, stock photos, art work and so much more. There are endless possibilities. Just make a list of all the things you're good at. Maybe you know tons about writing an ebook, or crocheting. Make a How-To ebook. Perhaps you're knowledgeable about under water basket weaving. Write an e-course. Anything is possible.

BONUS: Sign up for affiliate links wherever you can. You can run a Google search for affiliates or look at the sidebar menu on your favorite blogs. Just like mine. :)

Sell Ad Space

I recommend using a wordpress plug in for this (advanced ads, corner ad, or ad plugg are among the few) and then, you can simply post your ad space on

Write an ebook

There's always, and I mean always something you can write about. May it be a book about underwater basket weaving or writing about having sex with your toaster. Trust me, you can write about anything nowadays! And, the best part, you keep making money on your ebooks even after your die. Don't be so glum, it's the truth.

Youtube Videos

Are you tired of hearing about all these people making hoards of cash off Youtube videos and then, being surprised when you find out the videos are less than perfect? Yeah, me too.

Well, if you don't care what people think about you and you have thick skin (some Youtubers end their Youtube careers when they can't handle negative comments) then, go on, Youtube away!

You can create a channel that will showcase your weirdness or not. There are many types of videos you can make. Perhaps you come from a broken home and learned to perseverer. Or maybe you could inspire people about something your passionate about.

The worst thing that will happen is you'll make enough money for a cup of coffee, but hey...that's technically free coffee!


I love

That is all.

Click on the link above, and then click on some on someone's gigs. Then, write down all the things you're good at and make your own fiverr account. This one isn't much of a passive income type of thing, but you can still make extra cash.