How to get real results in your life and business

how to get real results in your life and business.jpg

You know why you're life and business aren't giving you the results you want? 


There's no amount of journaling or meditation that can help with that $hit.

It's all YOU and the choices you make.

Mad about your boyfriend problems? GUESS WHAT? You chose that!

Mad about that JOB you hate? You fucking chose that $hit too!

Accept REALITY! You are exactly where you are today, whether you're the happiest fucker in town OR NOT, because of all the choices, BIG or SMALL, you've made!

STOP playing the victim. (no one likes a cry baby)

Okay, you have daddy issues.
And your mom's a bitch.
I totally get it.
But, instead of creating a new reality, you've chosen to take all that bullshit from the past and bring it with you throughout your life! 

So, how do you expect different results?


Fuck, you aren't even conscious enough in your current reality to even know you're making these crippling choices.

So, let's say you meditate every day for a year. And, you're still making the choice to let your past experiences rule in your present. You're making the choice to hold on to that negative feeling/memory and giving it clout. Meditation alone won't cure you. Yes, it's a catalyst to help you move forward, but guess what? YOU STILL HAVE TO CHOOSE to move forward.

Make a choice to change that memory, feeling, thought, once and for all.

Does that make sense?

So, how do you become conscious enough in THIS REALITY to really start to see a change in your LIFE? I can tell you, but then, you'd have to make a CHOICE to listen.

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