How To Focus Your Life With Goals

How To Focus Your Life With Goals #goalsetting #goals #focus

Life can sometimes be overwhelming. Without a clear direction, you will most likely wander around the planet in a helpless state. You will not know what to do or when to do it. You will almost get that promotion. Youll almost follow through with a million dollar idea. Youll almost do everything you ever wanted to do. However, this is definitely no way to live. Luckily there is another way. A much better way, in fact. 

In order to live the life you choose, there must be structure. Your life must have order if you want to succeed. The best way that has been proven to work is through the use of goal setting. Without a goal, you will be unhappy and live an unfulfilled life. With a goal, you will zero in on exactly what you want. You will be happier and more fulfilled. 

Did you know that only about three out of every 100 people ever actually decide on their goal? Many people go through life without any clear direction and they get exactly what they prepare for. They may say, I wish I could buy that car. This is quite different than setting a goal to by the car by a certain date. One method will get you the car and the other one will leave you standing outside the dealership window crying. Which one would you rather use? Is it any wonder that such a small percentage of the worlds population controls a vast majority of the wealth? This minority is the goal-setters of the world. They ask for what they want and then they receive it. 

How can you begin to set a goal? There are a few criteria that must be followed. First of all the goal must be clearly defined. You cant say, I want a new car. You must say I want a brand new black Mercedes with tinted windows and chrome 20 rims. The picture must be absolutely crystal clear in your mind. Next, you must give yourself a time limit. If you never nail yourself down to a time limit, you will probably never achieve the goal. You must be held accountable. You must also believe that you can get it. Without belief, nothing is possible. Lastly, you must make an irrevocable commitment that you will achieve the goal. There is no turning back. If you change your mind at every obstacle, you will never get what you want. Make up your mind and go for it. What have you got to lose?

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