How to care less about what others think

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So, you're changing careers or breaking up with your current life. Or you've decided to move half-way across the world and teach english for a year. Perhaps, you just realized you're living someone else's life and you've had enough. 

You want to follow your dreams. Finally go after your goals.

But, your support group isn't being as supportive as you would have liked.

Bummer, huh?

Well, what if you didn't give a rats ass what other people thought. What if you grabbed life and finally lived your life for you?

Doesn't that sound fabulous? Wouldn't it be wonderful to just be you?

How Do You Live Your Dream Life Without Caring What Others Think?

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But how? How do you live the life you've always wanted without caring about what others think? I mean, sure, your parents want what's best for you and your siblings worry for you.

That's fantastic! Having people in your life that care about you is a blessing.

But sometimes, unconsciously, the same people that love us, hinder us. They hold us back. They worry so damn much that they impose their own fears upon us. Fears we then start believing. 


There went your dream of moving to Spain for a year.


Say good-bye to your dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

If that's the kind of life you want to live, a half-ass life, then congratulations, you've accomplished your goal.

But, if you want to live your true authentic life, then here's a few tips on how to care less what others think.

1. No one really cares.

You're probably saying whaaaaat? What do you mean no one cares? They're constantly giving me advice and tips on every decision I make. Obviously, they care, right? My answer is yes. They care. But caring doesn't mean people should overwhelm you to the point where you change your mind. Caring is not making you feel guilty about your choices. Caring is loving you and supporting you EVEN WHEN you make a decision they don't approve of. Your friends and family might honestly care about you, but in truth, they don't care. Unless your choice directly affects their life, they don't actually care. What they're feeling is a sense of fear and resentment. Fear comes in many different forms. It could be fear that you remind them of all the opportunities they missed out on. Fear that they will never be able to follow their own dreams. Fear that they'll resent you for you being strong enough to follow your dreams. But, let's be honest, whether you do or don't do something it's your choice.

2.  You only get one life.

Once this life is over, that's it. It's over. There isn't an undo button. As uncomfortable as it might feel to think of death, it also reminds us to live our life to the fullest. When you put things into perspective, you'll care less about what others think and just live your life on your own terms.

3. Be true to your self.

Yes, we've all heard this before. And even though it sounds like a cliche, it's 100% the truth. Once you decide to live an authentic life, you're no longer concerned with other people's opinions. Set your intentions to where you're so focused on your goals, that negativity is drowned out. 

4. Write down your goals.

When your life goals are clear, you'll feel more confident in attaining them. Nothing or no one will be able to crush your dreams.

5. Keep a list of affirmations that will uplift you.

I'm a strong believer in affirmations. By using them and repeating them aloud on a twice daily basis you will start to think more positively and start to care less and less about what people might think of you, allowing you to go after what you really want and truly be happy.

Here's a few to get you started:

I am confident with who I am

I live life without concern of what others think of me

I am relaxed and happy in all social situations

I always go after what I want

I am a positive thinker and only think about the best possible outcome

I am free from worry about what others may think about my plans and goals

I make my own decisions

I am a person who thinks for himself

I am happy with who I am

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