How Focusing on Being Happy Ruins Your Life


You've been journaling, thinking positive thoughts and creating a vision board about all the things you want in your life to finally achieve happiness.

Days go by. Weeks go by. And, months go by. But, you're still unhappy.

What the fuck? Right?

"But, Milagros, all the gurus are telling me all I have to do is focus on being happy and it will happen. What am I doing wrong?"

Nothing, technically. 

You see, happiness doesn't come from JUST reaching your monthly income goals, getting promoted, buying that expensive bag or taking that fabulous vacation. Sure, these things will make you happy. But, that kind of happiness is a by-product.

Let me explain further.

If I desired happiness I'd have to dig deep and figure out what I would need in my life in order to achieve happiness. For me, it's not working on the weekends, spending quality time with my family and not having to worry about when my next client will purchase a package.

So, how would I go about that?

I wouldn't just simply focus on getting clients. I'd focus on  how my life would up-level, energetically, in order to meet that goal. Would having more clients make me happy, yes. Would having more clients who take up too much of my time make me happy? No.

So, I'd have to focus on setting boundaries and values that will ensure my overall happiness goal.

When you just focus on being happy, you're not taking into account all the elements that produce lasting fulfillment; Happiness, Achievement and Significance. 

So, you'd have to also focus on three important factors:

#1- Happiness: Activities that produce pleasure and satisfaction.

#2 - Achievement: Pursuing activities that produce tangible results. Like, getting more clients, making more money, having healthy relationships, etc.

#3- Significance: Pursuing actives that made an impact on others. (Because no one likes a selfish-bitch)

Another way to go about it is to ask yourself the right questions.

Such as....

- What does happiness look like to me?

- Who will I have to become to be happy?

- What does a typical day look like when I achieve the level of happiness I desire?

Start with these questions and let me know in the comments below how you set up your happiness meter.

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