5 Automations You Need For Your Blog

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I'm a huge fan of automation. But, I'm going to admit something to you guys. I've had this blog for months and I'd totally forgotten one very important tool to grow my blog.

I'd forgotten to set up automation of my blog posts via rss.

If you have a blog then you should know how important this is. Readers who sign up for your email newsletter are giving you permission to send them blog updates. And, if you don't have your rss feed on auto, you're missing out on valuable readership.

5 Automations You Need For Your Blog

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This week, as I migrated my blog from Wordpress to Sqaurespace, I realized I'd been wrapped up in widgets far more than I was in developing the Smart B*tch brand. Trust me, widget addiction is a real thing. At one given time, I had twenty-four widgets on my wordpress blog. (F*ck!)

It had to come to an end. 

So, I bid Wordpress goodbye and ventured into Squarespace Land. And, in that wonderfulness, it was evident I'd forgotten a few things. (SH*T)

#1 on that list was my automations. They were jacked up.

I grunted all the way to the kitchen and made a second cup of coffee before I tackled the automation beast.  

For example, I use Typekit for my New Client Questioner and I never log in to Typekit to check my signups. I could see money flying out of the window. Oh, boy.

Okay get your screenshot ready


a pen and paper. Here's the list:

1. First I automated Typekit with Mailerlite (you can use your preferred email marketing provider) using Zapier. Now, whenever a new client fills out the form, they receive an auto email letting them know I'm reviewing their information and I get an automated email letting me know someone filled out the form.

2. The next automation I set up was rss feed to Twitter via Zapier. (I love this website!) This automation is set up so that every time I publish a new post, a Tweet is sent out with the info. 

3. Instagram to Twitter. This is an easy one to set up. All you have to do is log into your Instagram account and connect your other social media accounts. I like this automation because not everyone who's on Twitter will have an Instagram account. So, it's a nice way to break up my regular Tweets via nice photos from Instagram. HOWEVER, I use IFTT(If This Than That)  to retweet my Instagram photos as native Twitter images because it looks better.

4. Instagram to Pinterest. Again, going with IFTT for this one. This automation pins my Instagram images to a specific board using a specific hashtag. (I recommend using this one for images with quotes because of the small size of the pin.)

5. Last one is an email automation workflow. Or sometimes known as an email funnel. You really should have at least one funnel set up on your blog via a free download or challenge. It keeps new readers engaged and it's a great opportunity to showcase to your potential new client what you're capable of.

And that's that!

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