Daily Affirmations For Entrepreneurs

Daily Affirmations For Entrepreneurs. #lawofattraction #loa #affirmations #entrepreneurs

I have an obsession with being organized. I've also an addiction with notebooks which has led to my obsession with wanting to write stuff down. Sure, I'm like you, a tad too obsessed with my cell phone. But, I've never really mastered the art of using that little note app. I like the feel of a new book and a really cool new pen. Okay, okay. Pens. And highlighters.

I like being able to cross things off my lists and yelling GOTCHA! Because, who doesn't to feel accomplished? I know I do. And, part of feeling accomplished is being prepared.

Which comes from believing in yourself.

You have to believe in yourself to be able to wake up every morning. Believe that every little step you make is a step in the right direction to your goal(s). You have to have the right mindset, a positive attitude and your goals must be clear.

Which leads me to, affirmations for entrepreneurs.

You don't know how many times I've asked the universe for a sign, and got nada. A few days or weeks later it would dawn on me that I wasn't clear with the universe of myself about what it was that I really wanted or needed.

So, I dove in to affirmations and how they can help a person's thought process. It's all about energy.

You're probably asking WTF are affirmations?

Self-affirmations were first popularized by French psychologist Emile Coué back in the 1920s and are still a staple of self help gurus and psychologists and personal coaches.

All you need is a few minutes each day to repeat a few sentences. The best part is you get to use pen and paper! Okay, technically you don't have to. You can use your cell phone. I won't judge.

  1. My business is a huge success
  2. I easily attract sales
  3. My income increases every month
  4. I believe in myself and trust in my ability to succeed in all I do
  5. I work where I want, when I want and with the people I want
  6. My clients are satisfied and refer others to me
  7. I am a success magnet
  8. Success, money and happiness come easily to me
  9. I can achieve any goals I set for my business
  10. Being successful is natural to me
10 daily affirmations for entrepreneurs

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Do daily affirmations for entrepreneurs work?

Yes. They do. But you can't and shouldn't use an affirmation to lie to yourself. Saying, "I love my body," after an eating binge isn't going to affirm anything except the fact that you're lying to yourself. You have to have a positive and clear mind and heart at all times. Kind of like, karma. Do good. Be good. Think good. Feel good.

When should I say my affirmations?

I suggest in the morning, daily. That way you begin the day with a positive attitude.

How long before I start witnessing success in my affirmations?

It could be anywhere from instantly to weeks. It really depends on how clear you are with your words and goals.