A Day in the Life of a Virtual Assistant


I want to start this blog post by stating the it was by total default I became a Virtual Assistant. For the past five years, I've spent most of my time writing my books. However, due to all the knowledge I've acquired from self-publishing, I naturally ventured into being a virtual assistant. Mostly, because my brain couldn't handle all that information. Also, when my friends and friends of friends began to ask me (daily) for help with their books, blog, etc, I knew it was time to officially become a VA.

A day in my life before I was a Virtual Assistant was relatively the same as it is now. Most of my time is still spent at my desk. But, yes...there are quite a few differences. For starters, I tackle all of my clients' work before mine. That way, I'm always on track for deadlines.

Now, on to the A Day in the Life of a Virtual Assistant

7am: I wake up and write my daily affirmations while drinking a cup of coffee, uninterrupted by the duties of a stay-at-home-mom. And, I still drink coffee at my desk, but instead of writing in my WIP (work in progress that should really be called PIG: Procrastination In Progress), the next hour is spent working on one of my clients' blog migration.

8am: The kid wakes up and it's morning routine time. (I make the best pancakes and french toast in the entire universe. My kid said so.)

Once I've conquered breakfast, I go back to my desk and do one more hour of previous mentioned blog migration.

Anticipate the difficult by managing the easy.

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9am, I'm checking, labeling, and archiving emails from three different client accounts. 

Then, I spend the next two hours designing Instagram posts for two accounts, mine and a clients'.  Next, I email them to myself and upload them into an Instagram post planner on my cell phone. I double check that the uploading style fits with the predesigned theme of each account. If I don't, the Instagram feed will look wacky. Once I'm happy with the sample upload, I post three Instagram updates back to back. (There's a reason for this.) There's also time allocated in this chunk of my schedule for liking and following back on other peoples' accounts.

10am Starvation begins to set in. So, I grab a banana and toast. (I'm not much of a breakfast person.) I begin to prepare lunch at this time, not for me, but for the kid. Why? Because it never fails that whenever I'm in the middle of something, she interrupts me. (The downside to Summer break.) After I prepare lunch, I venture off into the bathroom and "officially" start my day. Nothing says you're ready to start the day like taking a shower, right?

Anyhow, with lunch prepared and feeling fresh, I attack my computer. I write one or two blog posts and check my social media accounts (usually from my cell phone).

It's 1pm by the time I tackle stuff on my blog to-do list and check-in with my social media peeps.

The rest of the day, I apply for VA jobs, write in my endless novel drafts and dash multiple times back into bed for "cuddle time" with the kid.

I'd love to say that I find time to exercise. Honestly, I don't make the time for it. When I actually do remember to exercise, it's late at night and I dash out of bed for a few crunches. Yes, I do crunches in the dark.

A Sneak Peek Into a Day in the Life of A Virtual Assistant

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Easily, I take the rest of the afternoon off and spend quality time with my family. Errands are easily completed without the stress of having to get "work" done.

I've learned to manage my time.

I'm no longer running around like a mad-writer-must-do-everything-woman. Organization and planning is key.

And, you know what, if something doesn't get done right now, or even today, there's always tomorrow.

The world won't implode because I forgot to post on Instagram or Twitter.

It's better to live a stress-free life, that you can manage instead of trying to manage a crazy life you don't really want.

And that, my lovelies, is my daily life. In a nutshell.