5 Time Saving Work From Home Tips When You're Child is Sick


There are days I love to work from home. And then, there are days I resent it. Today is one of those days. Why? Because, my kid has a cold. And, I'm stressed. Not because she's unwell, but because I'm stuck with her all day. Yes, I know what you're thinking. I should be thankful it isn't anything life-threatening. Trust me, I'm thankful. The thing is, she's obsessed with music at the moment. I'm talking music videos of all sorts–Justin Beiber, Soundtrack from Sing, Katy Perry–anything she can sing to, she's singing it.

And, it's not like she can make a living at it, if you know what I mean. Bless her heart. At least she's smart.

Quick & Easy TIPSTo work From Home As a Mom

Anyway, since I work from home, our place can seem like it's caving in on me rather quickly. Besides all of my side hustle–freelance writing, coaching, social media managing– I'm also a writer.

More specifically, I write romance novels. And there is absolutely nothing romantic about a cold. 

Not only do I have a house to run – meals to cook, errands to run, a child to soothe – but I also have a full list of around 20+ clients that hired me to write content for them. Which prompted me to write this blog post. 

5 Tips On Working From Home When Your Child Is Sick

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If you're like me and work from home, you know what I'm going through. No one wants to take a break every five minutes because their kid needs that specific toy she lost.

No one likes to be interrupted when they've important things to do.

Hence, why I thought it would be great to share with you my top five time saving tips to work from home when you're child is sick and driving you crazy.


1. Make Your Workspace Portable

No matter what's going on in your life, flexibility is the key ingredient to reaching your goals. A private dedicated workspace is ideal, but when that isn't possible, go portable!

It's a great way to be accessible to the little one while staying on track with your work schedule.

I've taken my laptop into my kids' bedroom to work from her bed while she plays with her toys. Just having us nearby is enough for the wee ones.


2. Headphones Are Your Best Friend

Which leads me directly into #2: Headphones are your best friend. My kid loves to sing and make high-pitched voices when she's reading or playing with her dolls.

Instead of hiding in the closet with a bottle of wine, I pop on some noise cancelling headphones.

She's happy I'm still in the room and I'm happy my ear drums didn't burst.


3. Ask For Help

Are you one of those people who loves to do everything themselves?

Were you overwhelmed and on the verge of a breakdown? Yeah, me too.

Which is why you need to swallow that pride and ask for help. Even if it's for fifteen minutes, having someone help out with give you that break you need to catch your breath, organize your thoughts and objectives.


4. Take a Half-Day

Remember the days when you used to skip school and go to the beach?

Yeah, me either. (wink. wink.)

I miss days like those. No one tells you adulting is not all sunshine and fairy dust. However, setting gyro own schedule is a great perk of working from home. You still have to put in the work. 5-8 hour days are normal for most freelancers and entrepreneurs. But you know what, at least you get to do what you love.

And, being able to be at home with your child is the best perk of all.

So, take a deep breath and rearrange your work schedule. Reply to emails when the kid is taking a nap. Email your clients letting them know you need to make an adjustment to the proposed deadline or that you need to push a project back a week or two.


5. Bend The Rules

We all need rules. Yes, even you. If we didn't have rules we'd never get anything done. However, sometimes it's okay to grab life by the carefree horns and say 'f*ck it!'. 

If giving the kid cereal for lunch provides you will thirty minutes of quiet time to answer emails for clients or write a blog post, then why the hell not! It's only cereal.

That's why they call it bending the rules.

The kid will not become malnourished from skipping a healthy dinner.

That's all the tips for now. I hope this post helps you in conquering your empire!