5 Things I would tell my younger self- Plus Affirmations

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You can't go back in time. That's a fact. You know what else is a fact? Our lowest of lows, our mistakes, our regrets and all of our woulda-coulda-shouldas don't matter in the way we think it does. What mean is, sure, your through some hard, dark times, but what if you take those moments and build on it, in a positive way?

I'd love to go back in time and tell my younger self tons of stuff. But, I wouldn't necessary tell myself to avoid certain experiences. Even if those experiences caused me pain.

Looking back in my 30+ years on this wonderful earth, I'm content with how I turned out. I'm kind, and hopeful.

I'm happy.

So, what would I tell myself if I really could go back in time and not cause a ripple in the timeline?

5 Things I would tell my younger self

  1. You're beautiful
  2. You're future is going to be fabulous
  3. You're going to be a great mom
  4. People who matter will make an effort to be in your life
  5. Believe in the process 

All things considered, I harbor no regrets. And, since going back in time is impossible, I use the power of acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude to uplift and inspire.

What would you tell your younger self if you could go back in time?

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Here are some affirmations I use to release myself from the past:

  1. By releasing the past, I allow myself to move onward and upward.
  2. I let go of my regrets. I am grateful for lessons that my past missteps have taught me.
  3. I let go of past relationships and clear my spirit of chains to the past to make way for new relationships to enter my life
  4. I allow only good memories to inhabit the present
  5. I am now living my life without regret
  6. I am now free to move forward in my life 

What would you tell yourself if you could go back in time?