Why You Should Start Your 2018 Bucket List


Today, I started writing my 2018 bucket list. I know. I know. I'm starting early. But, 2018 is only 125 days away. That's, less than four months! Much closer than you thought, right?

Well, there's no time like the present to plan out this new fabulous year that's upon us. I mean, who doesn't like to be organized? I know I do.

In fact, I've done a lot of planning in my 30+ years of life.  From birthdays to my very own wedding. Heck, I even planned my escape from Asia once.  It seems though, we plan more when we're young than when we enter Robot Land. And, by Robot Land, I'm talking about adulthood. The kind of adulthood filled with dirty diapers abandoned careers and wine dinners. (Not that there's anything wrong with wine dinners.)

Anyway, in having lived overseas for five years I've visited lots of beautiful places, eaten at fabulous restaurants, shopped 'til my husband dropped (from seeing the bill) and made some fabulous friends.

But, there's no much I haven't done. All things considered, it feels as if the more I accomplish, the more psyched I get to accomplish more!

That's when I thought of writing my 2018 bucket list. It’s the place to unravel the desires of our heart and list them down. It also holds us accountable.

So, I thought I'd share mine with you guys. For inspiration purposes.

Why You Should Start Your 2018 Bucket List Today!

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Okay, here it is:

My 2018 Bucket List:

  1. I will visit Spain again
  2. I am going to volunteer at a children's hospital 
  3. I will be kinder to myself
  4. I am going to make $5,000 every month from my coaching business
  5. I will write one new novel
  6. I will laugh more
  7. I will dance more
  8. I will purchase a beach condo
  9. I will create three new courses
  10. I will find more balance within 

What do you think about these goals? Did you cringe when you read them? Did you think, 'Yeah, right'! Who does this bitch think she is? In fact, yes I'm a Bitch. And, you know who I am? I'm a capable, strong, woman who is determined to make all her goals and dreams come true. 

Similarly, I hope I just inspired you to set goals like this for yourself, too. Because, W.T.F (why the fuck) not!

Aim for the beach condo.

Aim for the personal and financial goals you desire and don't let anyone stop you.

Go ahead, start planning for 2018.

Shit, start planning the rest of your life!

Who cares what others think.

Because, all that matters is what YOU think! 

Otherwise, the closest you'll get to achieving anything is by reading posts like these.

Unless, that's your goal?

You are the starting point for how your future will look. You set the wheels in motion. You decide what it is you want to see and do and you let that be the framework or the guide for the path you take. No one else.