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I'm Millie.

I'm a Certified Coach, published author of two marketing books (365 tweets for the busy Author and Marketing Your Self-Published Book  On  Facebook) I'm also a romance author of four romance novels and a poetry book.

Along with my writing accolades, I've been a social media manager, certified EMT, 
a music video vixen, a flight attendant and cupcake business owner. 

(There  are no shortages of goals over here!)

During the last five years, I've lived in China and Bangkok, as an expat wife and motivational inspiration to countless women.

I've done everything I've wanted to do in my life, fearlessly.

and I want to teach you to do the same.png

I'm putting together all of my wisdom, strategies and tips to motivate good-hearted women from all over the globe to become a better version of themselves; the version they've always dreamed of, but are too afraid to become.

I believe we are all put on this earth to inspire and motivate each other through our own experiences, ideas and natural gifts.

My gift is to motivate you to be the Smartest B*tch you can possibly be, via online courses, blog posts, Coaching and my weekly videos.

My coaching program is NOT for just anyone…

Especially if you're the whiny type who can't commit to your goals. If you're a passion-driven, spiritual individual who’s focused on your personal growth and cares a whole sh*t-ton about others, then HELL YEAH!

My coaching is for people with dreams and drive.

You’ve read the books, you've done the work, and you’ve grown a lot. You love your life, but some things (the important ones, like romance, money, or a successful business), haven’t quite clicked yet. You keep looking around to learn more, to find that one other thing that will finally do the trick. You’re right there, but it hasn’t happened.

So what's the next step?

Well, if you're tired of not seeing results, running with the rat-race or are in need of a swift kick in the rear, I'm your B*tch!

Working together, we go big, we go fast, and we go without limits.

My clients find their soul-mate, heal their marriages, and see success rates at 300% of what their jobs expected of them. They finally launch their business or fall back in love with the one they have, break through money blocks, and find the confidence to follow their heart in every situation.