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So, why me?

I created my own sustainable business from scratch within a year after many years of trial and error and lack of helpful systems and direction while going through a divorce in a foreign country.

  • I survived a mentally and emotionally abusive marriage by working on my mindset and personal development

  • I’ve owned two cupcake stores. So, I know what it takes to put your heart and soul into your business

  • I am a certified life coach from an ICF accredited program.

  • I’m a mom of two. So, I know what it’s like to have to set powerful priorities and boundaries

  • I’m a published author of twelve books. So, I know what it’s like to be multi-passionate

The Smart Bitch

Hey there, I’m Milagros

I’m a mindset and empowerment coach and mentor. I help women redefine success and replace their victim mentality and destructive habits to create a life and business they love.  I support women by facilitating them as we uncover their creative process, overcome mindset blocks, and design their business strategy so they can build a business and lifestyle that reflects who they really are and live their lives with a sense of certainty that transcends confidence.



You can be assured of a cheerleader + accountability buddy in one, but I will never tell you what you want to hear. I’ll hold your hand with the intent of helping you grow into the kick-ass woman you were meant to be. My #1 goal as your coach is YOU. Your dreams. Your goals. You’ve tiptoed around the idea of stepping into your own power. Isn’t it time to stop f*cking around? Are you finally ready to take the next step?


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